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Who are we?

Fabric industry in Vietnam is increasing rapidly as Vietnam is becoming one of the greatest fabric exporter all over the world. Kim flags - Vietnam flag producer has decades of experience of flag making. In the beginning of Kim Flags, we mostly produce Vietnam national flag. The national flag of Vietnam consists of golden star and red background. With the advance of technology, making flags is easier then before but aslso require better quality. Heat pressing machine and CNC fabric cutting are popular for any flag factory. See more

Flag maker, flag producer Kim flags - Vietnamese flag producer, flag maker is one of the biggest flag factories in Vietnam with many years experience in making flag. We are a collective of dozens of people with special expertise, all to fullfill the flag making process. Also to keep up with the development of world, we regularly apply new technology and new software to our flag production such as design software, color seeking machine, printing machine,...
 In the beginning of Kim Flags, we mostly made flag of Vietnam or Vietnam national flag as this is the most common flag in Vietnam. As any national flag, flag of Vietnam requires the accuracy in any step in production from size of flag, the ratio and proportion, aslo the shape of star. Furthermore, other orders request different National flags give us more chances to explore about regulation in making flag of other countries.   National flag
 Sail flag, feather flag  Many events are held and people want more symbolic image like flag appear in their event. Flag hold a special place in anybody thanks for its long history and its value. We started printing and making flag as demand for company and organization. Our customers use it to show their brand, their statement or to decorate and marketing the events, ceremonies,... The most popular to used are Feather flag and sail flag.
 Kim Flags - Vietnamese flag maker, flag producer are working with our Japanese and Arab partners to export flag to their countries. Flag is very common around your place but it has abundant business potential. Source and buy your flag from best producer will help you decrease cost and risk. We offer you full service from designing to shipping.  export flag, flag maker