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About Kim Flags - Vietnamese flag producer

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Buy your flags by sourcing from Vietnam. Kim flags provide the cheapest and great quality flags for you. Kim flags - Vietnamese flags producer offer various kind of flags with Vietnam origin.

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    1. About Kim Flags - Vietnamese flag producer

    Who are we?

    Fabric industry in Vietnam is increasing rapidly as Vietnam is becoming one of the greatest  fabric exporter all over the world. Kim flags - Vietnam flag producer has decades of experience of flag making. In the beginning of Kim Flags, we mostly produce Vietnam national flag. The national flag of Vietnam consists of golden star and red background. With the advance of technology, making flags is easier then before but aslso require better quality. Heat pressing machine and CNC fabric cutting are popular for any flag factory. 

    advertising flags, feather flags

    Our staff

    To fulfill any deal with customer, Kim Flags - Vietnamese flag producer offer a full service of flag making including: Design, production, shipping. That means our staffs need to be proficient in every field of flag making. Our desginers have years of experience designing banner, advertising flags, feather flags,.... They will counsel you the best design for your flags to achieve what you want with your flags. The sewer workers of Kim Flags are one of the best you could find to make your flags. They know what they must do and give all heart to finish your flags. Sewer team is very important with our flag factory as they are doing the core process of any flags factory. 

    Custom flags, club flag

    2. Flags offered by Kim Flags

    1. Print techinque

    There are numerous way to making flags with new technique advance every day. As print technique keeps improving, there are 2 most popular print type, they are: Heat printing and Silk screen printing.

    Heat printing is used when a flag have multi color frame and special detail. This print technique keep color on flags in a long time and the best print technique today. Usually, the heat to print flags is 220 Celsius degree. Color from printed paper is sublime to the fabric and create the frame of the flags. Whereas, Silk screen printing is an old technique has existed in a long time. Silk screen printing transfer ink onto a flags, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. This technique is very cheap if print great quanity of same flags. But the color do not have good quality like heat pressing.

    Sport club flags, customeflag

    2. Different type of flags

    With the machines in our factory, we are determined to produce any kind of flags you want such as Custom flags (Sport club flags, Company flags, business flags), Bunting, string flags (National bunting, national string flags, Custom string flags, custom bunting flags, Multicolor bunting, multicolor string flags, Custom sale flag), Hand waving flags (National hand waving flags, Custom hand waving flags), Advertising flags (Custom feather flags, sail flags, Custom rectangular feather flags, Custom teardrop flags), Table flags, desk flags and National flags

    1. Custom flags

    Kim Flags always has enough resources to produce as demand from customer. It is important to store enough fabric and ink to produce particular flags. An our staffs remain an adequate number to finish any big order for dosmetic or for exporting. Custome flags display your company logo, your club logo and anything you want.

    Custom flags, company flags

    2. Bunting, string flags

    Bunting and string flags are very popular to decorate your house or office with such colorful and joyfull flags. Also it could be an interesting promotional way as print your brand logo on it.

    Bunting, string flags

    3. Hand waving flags

    Hand waving flags used for events such as welcome ceremony, event, grand opening, National day, Parade,... Hand waving flags could be printed with national flags, company flags, brand flags or a sale flags.

    Hand waving flags

    4. Advertising flags

    As a impressive marketing and promotional tool, advertising flags help you to atrract more customer by showcase and display your brand on the flags. Also, advertising flags could be an impressive decoration flags for your event, especially event such as: sport, racing, fair, exhibition,...

    dvertising flags

    5. Table flags and desk flags

    To make your meeting be formal, table flags and desk flags must appear to present the parties attend. Furthermore, it could decorate your office with your company's logo, your national flags on it.

    Table flags and desk flags

    6. National flags

    There are over 200 countries all over the world and each of them have their own national flags. National flags have different ratios and diffenrent color. It mean to produce national flags require knowledge about national flags also

    3. Contact

    There are various event, ceremony, you should consider to use  flags for it. It is cheap, effective and colorful. Kim Flags- Vietnamese flags manufacturer bring you a full serivice of flags importing. We offer you free design, free paper handling and help you to ship the products. Please contact us with information below.

    Please contact us through whatsapp, direct call or email:

    Kim Flags- Vietnamese flags manufacturer

    Location: Tu Van commune, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Telephone: +84 243 201 5255

    Hotline/whatsapp: +84 932 33 9296

    Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/xuongmayco.vn

    Email: xuongmayco@gmail.com

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