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Product name: Feather flags, Sail flags

Brand: Kim Flags - Vietnamese Flags producer


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Product information

100% Vietnam Origin

100% Polyester fabric

Ready to export

Feather flags or sail flags have variable size and shape depending on what user want. Among different kind of advertising flags such as teardrop flags or rectangular feather flags, feather flags, sail flags is the most popular. Normally, Kim Flags- Vietnamese flags producer choose the best material and printed machines to create great feather flags, sail flags.

As we produce as demand of yours so the height of feather flags, sail flags has no limited. Whereas, we recommend you to keep the wide of feather flags, sail flags under 0.7 metre if doulbe-sided feather flags, sail flags and 1.4m if one-sided feather flags, sail flags.

Feather flags, sail flags- best price from Vietnam

The kind of fabric using in feather flags, sail flags - manufacturing process is 100% polyester fabric. Polyester fabric give feather flags, sail flags the best look as its great characterisitic with print color. Aslo, images printed on polyester fabric have great durability with weather, moisture or heat. It keeps your feather flags, sail flags in great condition in a long time.




How feather flags, sail flags are made?

1. Design

As a marketing and advertising banner, feather flags, sail flags should have a attractive appearance to entice customers. Each business has its own design type therefore Vietnamese Flags Producer- Kim Flags has great design staffs to help you find your best design due to your need.

Also, the design of flags has to be fit with production process of feather flags, sail flags to assure every part of design sketch be visible to the viewer.

Feather flags, sail flags- best price from Vietnam

2. Printing

The design file of Feather flags, sail flags is dowloaded to the printing machine. Afterward, the file is printed to the printing paper with 1:1 ratio with Feather flags, sail flags. This step has a critical factor to decide the quality of color of Feather flags, sail flags. Kim Flags has abundant experience in producing flags therefore we are confident with machine we are working with and our color quality control process.

Feather flags, sail flags- best price from Vietnam

3. Heat pressing

After finishing printing, printed paper is taken to heat pressing machine. The printed paper and polyester fabric are pressed with each other by extremely high heat. Therefore, ink from printed paper is sublime into fabric which create the form of feather flags, sail flags.

Feather flags, sail flags- best price from Vietnam

4. Cut and sewing

Our tailors wil cut and sew the fabric received from worker. Vietnamese tailors from Kim Flags- Vietnamese flags producer are well-known for their assiduity and competency from all over the world. We assure with you the firm form of the feather flags and sail flags. As the feather flags, sail flags could keep their shape in a long time outdoor.

How to purchase feather flags, sails flags

As feather flags and sails flags is the kind of flags needed to design as demand, therefore we recommend you to contact us by Email or whatsapp below. As soon as we recieve your information, we could offer you various choices of design to fulfill your purposes for Feather flags, sail flags.Please feel free to ask if you just want to research about feather flags, sail flags, we gladly to sevrve you.

Our contact information

Email: xuongmayco@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +84 932 33 9296

Website: http://en.xuongmayco.vn/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/xuongmayco.vn (Only Vietnamese, but you could messenger)

Location: Thong Nhat Commune, Thuong Tin District, Hanoi, Vietnam

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