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Product name: Table flags, desk flags

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Product information

100% Vietnam Origin


Table flags or desk flags applied popularly in office and a meeting of two or more than two party. Table flags, desk flags are considered as a effective decorative item due to its cheap cost. Althought, the quantity of table flags, desk flag used for an event is limited but it is vital to keep these flags in sight to provide a great picture of your office or your meeting.

Table flags, desk table

Usually, table flags or desk flags have base made from inox, steel or wood depended on what customer require. Each material has their own advantages. Inox give the table flags, desk flags a fancy look with shiny silver like and gold like base, aslo they have longer usage time as its charateristics. Whereas wood base has lower price and of course lower quality, they could be easily break if users are not careful.

Flags of table flags, desk flags are made from 100% polyester fabric, with glue sticks two side of the flags. The print technique used is heat pressing print to make sure flags have the longest usage time.

How table flags, desk flags are made

1. Producing base

With table flags and desk flags, the base is the most important as its process is very complicated. Kim flags- Vietnamese flags manufacturer recommend you to choose inox base for your table flags, desk flags as base made from wood made information trading with you is complex. Base made from wood has various quality and kind, So it is almost imposible to transfer full information between you and us. 

table flags, desk table

Inox Base of table flags, desk flags

Table flags, desk flags

Wood base of table flags, desk flags

2. Printing

Table flags and desk flags have small size therefore require only medium size of printing machine. However, to have the best color quality, the color file must to be checked with pallete before process printing. Kim flags - Vietnamese flags manufacturer has great staffs for quality control to assure providing customer the perfect flags. As color of flags meet the required color, we process flags printing.

Table flags, desk flags

3. Heat pressing

After finishing printing, printed paper is taken to heat pressing machine. The printed paper and polyester fabric are pressed with each other by extremely high heat. Therefore, ink from printed paper is sublime into fabric which create the form of Table flags, desk flags.

4. Cut and sewing

Our tailors wil cut and sew the fabric received from worker. Vietnamese tailors from Kim Flags- Vietnamese flags producer are well-known for their assiduity and competency from all over the world. We assure with you the firm form of the table flags, desk flags. As the table flags, desk flags could keep their shape in a long time.

Table flags, desk flags usage

Talbe flags and desk flags if they are used for represent for parties in meeting are rarely use. However, the flags are not stick to the base then you could remove the flags from base and replace with other flags. This give user more ultilization of table flags, desk flags as they could use one base in many occasions.

Cost saving is the number one factor, Kim Flags- Vietnamese flags manufacturer appreciates for our customers. This not only bring profit for our customers but also solidate our brands as a trustworthy flags producer for you.

Table flags, desk flags

Table flags, desk flags

Table flags, desk flags

How to purchase table flags, desk flags

As the international shipping price is reducing, Kim Flags are offering a full flags export service, help you recive your flags at home. As soon as we recieve your information, we could offer you various choices of design to fulfill your purposes for Table flags, desk flags.Please feel free to ask if you just want to research about table flags, desk flags, we gladly to sevrve you.

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