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Exporting sail flag, advertising flags and sails made in Vietnam

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Exporting sail flags and advertising flags is one of the main activities of Kim Flag garment factory. Over time, the orders of the flag factory are gradually completed and loved by international customers

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    1. Vietnam and the international flag sewing market

    Vietnam is one of the world's largest garment factories with export turnover worth tens of billions of dollars. The famous garment products of Vietnam are T-shirts, jeans, trousers, shoes,... The biggest competitive strength of the Vietnamese garment industry is the large workforce as well as the raw materials in the industry. water.

    Along with the above industries, the flag maker industry is also a fairly developed industry in the country, but it is still in its early stages in the international market. Although fully capable of technology as well as human resources, most of Vietnam's flag maker factories still think of domestic development and have not found a way to the international market.

    Meanwhile, China has become an international flag factory, exporting flags to major markets as well as serving major events such as the Olympics and World Cup.

    advertising flag, sail flag

    2. Exporting advertising flags and sail flags to the US market

    The US is the world's leading competitive market as well as the top destination for exporters.

    As the world's number one economy, advertising and marketing take a large share of the market. Businesses from small to large have their own marketing and advertising methods. In which using sail flags, advertising flags are a great choice to both clearly show your business and have an eye-catching billboard. Therefore, the demand for advertising flags and sail flags is very large in the US.

    Advertising flag, sail flag

    Kim Flag maker Factory has carried out printing, sewing and finishing advertising flags, sail flags for partners of the flag factory in the US. Kim Flag Sewing Factory hopes that this is just the first step in exporting Vietnamese flag products to the international market.

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